10 Awesome Ways to Teach Kids the True Meaning of Easter


empty-tomb-biscuits#8 Make Resurrection Biscuits

Oh, my kids beg me to make these each Easter! And every year I acquiesce, even though it requires that I use sugar, butter, marshmallows and refrigerated biscuits (typically four no-nos in our home)!

Why? Because it’s such a perfect way to teach little ones about the Easter message. I can’t tell you how many in-depth conversations about God I’ve had with my kids over the years as we’ve made these Empty Tomb Biscuits!

Alright. And they taste so DANG GOOD.

You’ll need:

  • bag of large marshmallows
  • can of refrigerated biscuits, rolled out flat
  • melted butter, poured into a shallow bowl
  • granulated sugar or coconut sugar and cinnamon (poured into a shallow bowl)


Dip a marshmallow (representing Jesus’ body) in the butter and then roll it the sugar and cinnamon mixture (like when Jesus’ body was anointed with oil and spices during his burial).

Wrap the flattened-out refrigerated biscuits around the marshmallow and place it on a cookie sheet to bake (cook it according to the package directions on the biscuits).

And then the magic comes! When each child bites into the biscuit, they realize that it’s HOLLOW!

Yes, the marshmallow has melted away and the biscuit is left looking like an empty tomb. The message: Jesus’ body isn’t here anymore because it’s been resurrected! Jesus is ALIVE!


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