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Ultimate List of Easter Bible Verses

Every Spring it’s wonderful to hear the true Easter story about Christ’s death and resurrection. I love reading Easter Bible verses every year with my kids as part of our annual Easter activities because we always seem to find a new application or spiritual insight when we study Easter verses. Perhaps that’s because the Resurrection itself was […]

Check out these two Easter Bible study lessons: a 6-day Easter bible study lessons printable; and a 12-day Easter Bible study lessons printable. If you're looking for an Easter Bible study for youth or an Easter Bible study for teens (or you're just wanting good Easter Bible reading and study), these Christian Bible studies are wonderful ways to share with your kids the true story of Easter. #easterbiblestudyforkids #easterbiblestudy #easterbiblestudies #easterbiblestudyteens

Best Easter Bible Study Lessons Printables for Families

Easter is the perfect opportunity to teach kids about the hope and joy found in a relationship with Christ. And an Easter Bible study lessons printable is an awesome Easter activity for kids because your family will learn about the Resurrection from the source itself–the Bible! I’m so excited to share our family’s two favorite Easter […]

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6 Best Christian Easter Movies to Watch

Looking for some great Easter movies? Easter movies for kids (or Easter movies for families) allow children to experience visually Jesus’ Resurrection in a way that’s unique from other Christian Easter activities. Some Christian Easter movies are classics that are perfect for all families; while other Easter movies are more controversial and graphic portrayals of […]

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How to Plan a Christian Easter Egg Hunt

Children love Easter egg hunts, right? Why not host a Christian Easter egg hunt and creatively teach kids about the true meaning of Easter with a fun Easter lesson and Easter activity? Easter egg hunts are a great opportunity to give our kids so much more than candy! Tell the real Easter story a little at […]

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