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LOVE these fun family ideas for Spring! Acts of kindness ideas and outdoor activities that your kids will love! Plus a fun spring bucket list! Check it out!

25 Ideas for Your Family’s Spring Bucket List

In spring, there’s so many fun things for families to do and celebrate! Our family loves to get outside and to be in nature, which means park days, hikes and beach days (well, at least we attempt the beach!). But like all things, spring family activities can get pushed to the side if we’re not […]


Easy Easter Home Decor that Inspires Your Faith

Maybe it sounds strange, but it’s actually difficult to find Easter home decor! Now, I don’t mean Easter home decor with bunnies, eggs or chicks. I mean Easter decor that’s actually about Easter–the resurrection of Christ! There is really very little out there, and that’s a shame because Easter is such a opportune time to bring bright, cheery messages […]


10 Awesome Ways to Teach Kids the True Meaning of Easter

The Easter bunny and colored eggs are fun, but really… don’t we want to teach our kids that Easter is about something more? As Christians, we know that Easter is really about the life-changing, amazing power of the resurrection story. It’s about the miraculous story of Jesus’ death on a cross so that He could be […]


How to Host a Beautiful Mother Daughter Tea Party (7 Tips)

If you have a daughter, you know that the mother daughter relationship is incredibly special and deserved to be celebrated, honored and savored! And yet, in our busy, modern culture, there are very few social occasions where just moms and daughters can gather together. So that’s why I gathered a few mom friends (ones that I knew […]


The Surprising Meaning (and Origin) of the Easter Symbols

Have your kids ever asked: “Mom, what do eggs and bunny rabbits have to do with Easter?” Good question, right?! Have you ever wondered where the typical Easter symbols came from and their meanings?  Here’s what I’ve discovered about the origin of many Easter symbols, such as Easter eggs, pastel colors, Easter bunnies, Easter lilies, and the […]


Irish Soda Bread French Toast

St Patrick Day Recipes: Irish Soda Bread French Toast Besides being a day when you can dress in all green and pinch people relentlessly, our family loves St Patrick Day because of all the great St Patrick Day recipes! In fact we love this holiday o’ green so much that we’ve begun cooking St Patrick Day recipes for our kids […]


DIY Valentine Countdown Banner for Kids

Don’t you love using an Advent calendar at Christmas to countdown to the big day? This fun DIY Valentine’s Day Countdown Banner has the same premise–except it includes simple and fun activities about love that you family can do every day during February! And because this love-inspired banner is made of fabric, you can use it year-after-year as […]

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