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How to Easily Create Christ-Centered Christmas Home Decor

When the holidays roll around, don’t you just love to decorate for the Christmas season? For me, it just doesn’t seem like Christmas until I pull out my Christmas home decor! How about you? Decorating for Christmas inspires us to fully embrace the holiday season. That’s why we drag all those Christmas decor boxes out of the attic, […]

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Christmas Morning Activity: Happy Birthday Jesus Gift

What’s Christmas morning like at your house? Have you noticed that, ironically, Christmas Day is one of the easiest times to forget about Jesus himself? On Christmas morning we can get so caught up in opening gifts and visiting family that we can easily forget that Christmas Day really is about saying “Happy Birthday Jesus.” My husband […]

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35 Awesome Thanksgiving Bible Verses to Share with Your Family

Did you know that the Bible is filled with verses about thanksgiving? How awesome that scripture records so many amazing Thanksgiving Bible verses perfect for helping us understand authentic gratitude and thankfulness. Whether you want to study Thanksgiving scriptures with your family as part of the fall American Thanksgiving holiday or you’d like to cultivate […]

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Free Thanksgiving Bible Lessons for Kids & Adults

Don’t you love that the Thanksgiving holiday gives us an incredibly natural way to share about God with our kids? Our family loves making time for Thanksgiving Bible lessons for kids as part of our fall seasonal family activities. So many of us want to teach our kids to give thanks during Thanksgiving, but honestly, I […]

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10 Unique Christmas Gifts for Kids That Encourage Quality Time

Want to know the best Christmas gifts a family could receive? Quality time together. Time spent as a family is absolutely priceless, wouldn’t you agree? And I love the idea of buying kids Christmas presents that encourage family closeness, especially activities centered around God. Whether you’re looking for inexpensive Christmas gift ideas for kids or grandkids, […]

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Best Christmas Gifts for Kids that Encourage Creativity

It’s a no-brainer that kids love toys as Christmas gifts. But why not give Christmas gifts to kids that teach them a new skill, nurture their creativity or inpire their imaginations? That’s a Christmas gift that keeps on giving! We’re all looking for awesome ideas for Christmas gifts for our kids (here’s another list of […]

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How to Teach Your Kids the Pumpkin Prayer (Free Printable)

During autumn, one of our treasured family traditions is to pick a pumpkin from our local pumpkin patch and spend an evening carving pumpkins while we tell our kids the pumpkin prayer and pumpkin gospel. Whether or not you celebrate Halloween, I’m guessing that one of your fall family activities includes time to carve pumpkins […]

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