25 Ideas for Your Family’s Spring Bucket List

In spring, there’s so many fun things for families to do and celebrate!

Our family loves to get outside and to be in nature, which means park days, hikes and beach days (well, at least we attempt the beach!).

But like all things, spring family activities can get pushed to the side if we’re not intentional about doing them.

We’ve found that making a Spring Bucket List really helps us focus on the important things we’d like to accomplish together.

Of course spring flowers and better weather play a part in our family spring activities, but since spring is also about Easter, we like including some acts of kindness activities in our spring bucket list!

Do you need some ideas for meaningful, fun spring family ideas your family can enjoy?

Check out these 25 ideas and add them to your family’s spring bucket list!

P.S. You’ll love this Spring Bucket List printable from the Christ-Centered Easter Home Decor Resources! It’s sized to be an 8 x 10 image so that it can be framed and used as a dry-erase board (just write on the glass with a dry-erase marker!)

Here’s a video so you can see how easy it is to use!


Get the Spring Bucket List printable here as part of the Christ-Centered Easter Home Decor Resources!



25 Ideas for Your Family Spring Bucket List

You’ll find fun outdoor family activities here, plus a few acts of kindness or service-oriented ideas for families looking to share the hope of Easter.


1)Grab the picnic blanket and host an informal “picnic dinner” on the grass in the backyard.

2) Visit a relative that you haven’t seen for a while (bonus points if you bring a note of encouragement or your kids color a coloring page for them)

3) Go on a “spring color hunt” with your kids! Go on a walk and tell the kids to collect items that represent 5-7 spring colors (pink, red, blue, purple, yellow, orange, etc). The first person to collect all the colors wins!

4) Go fishing at a local pond or river.

5) Collect items for other kids organizations in need, such as a local Ronald McDonald House. Our church puts together Easter baskets for the families staying there over the Easter holidays.

6) Try a new hike (maybe even take the dog!)

7) Find a local basketball court and play a little one-on-one with the kids.

8) Decorate your home for Easter! You’ll love the 8 x 10 and 5 x 5 art printables (plus a banner) here in the Christ-Centered Easter Home Decor Printables!

P.S. These Home Decor Printables also contain the “Spring Bucket List” printable I shared about before! Decorate your home for spring with inspiring faith-based Easter art… and create a cute dry-erase Spring Bucket List!


9) Go to a local scenic area with lots of flower blooms and take impromptu photos with the kids.

10) Pick a bouquet of fresh flowers from plants in your yard or in the neighborhood.

11) Host an “Easter activities” day with friends where you host a Christ-themed Easter Egg hunt and share about the true message of the Easter story (check out these resources for everything you need!).

12) Make Resurrection Gardens and Resurrection Biscuits with the kids (one of our favorite spring traditions!)

13) Go on a “spring color hunt” with your kids! Go on a walk and tell the kids to collect items that represent 5-7 spring colors (pink, red, blue, purple, yellow, orange, etc). The first person to collect all the colors wins!

14) Maybe “spring” represents “spring cleaning” for your family? If so, check out this post on top tips for decluttering. Then donate your no-longer-needed items to a local charity.

15) Our family loves all the beautiful cloud formations in spring (from those spring showers!). Take a few minutes outside with the kids just looking at the cloud formations (and identifying patterns).

16) Dust off the porch swing or patio furniture and snuggle up with your kids to read a good book.

17) Gather loose change in a leftover baby bottle to give to a local crisis pregnancy center.

18) Pick the kids up from school and take them to a park to play.

19) Go on an outdoor date with your husband (think walking around downtown, sitting outside at a restaurant, or a hike with a picnic).

20) Leave a piece of Easter candy on your child’s pillow at bedtime (when they aren’t expecting it!).

21) If you live where strawberries are in season, visit a “You Pick” field and plan an afternoon of picking (and eating) strawberries.

22) Have your kids write their teacher (or another influential adult in their life) a thank you note.

23) Visit another family you haven’t seen in a while (and bring a yummy dessert).

24) Plan to do a family Easter Bible study (there are two types here in the Christ-Centered Easter Family Resources!).

25) Take each child out for a one-on-one date (even just for coffee or ice cream) to make them feel special.


I hope you enjoyed these ideas!

Remember, make your Spring Bucket List EASY (and extra FUN!) by grabbing this printable from the Christ-Centered Easter Home Decor Resources!



Of course, these resources have more than just the “Spring Family Bucket List” printable (to make your dry-erase frame)!

There’s lovely 8 x 10 and 5 x 5 art pieces, plus a “Happy Easter” banner and much more!

It’s a wonderful way to welcome spring!

CLICK HERE to get these printables!

Enjoy, everyone… and Happy Spring to you and your family!


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