13 Christian Easter Basket Stuffers Preschoolers Love

Do your littlest kids love receiving an Easter basket on Easter morning? Mine do too!

Except there’s always that dilemma… what do we stuff the Easter baskets with?

It’s easy to fill an Easter basket with chocolate (mmm… I always got a chocolate Easter egg in my basket as a kid!).

But, honestly, I want my kids–even my preschoolers–to know that Easter is so much more than chocolates in a basket.

I want them to know that Easter is about Jesus and the gift of salvation.

How can we share that wonderful Easter message with our youngest kids?

Here’s some of my family’s favorite Easter resources for toddlers and preschoolers. These would be great Easter basket stuffers!

And I’ve made it super easy for you (’cause we’re all busy moms). Just click on the link and you can buy it directly on Amazon!

Easy peasy, right?

13 Faith-Based Easter Basket Stuffers Preschoolers Love

Ready to see this list of awesome Easter basket stuffer ideas? Whether you’re a mom, auntie, godparent or grandmother, these Easter basket gifts are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.

I’ve divided them up into three categories:

  • Books/Bibles
  • Music/Movies
  • Activity/Coloring Books


Kids Bible Books & Kids Bibles

Berenstain Bears Share the Easter Story

#1 Best Seller in Christian Homeschooling. The Berenstain Bears teach kids that Easter is about so much more than candy! A must-have for Christian families.

“This book helps young kids focus on the resurrection- what Easter is truly about. I’d repurchase this book 100 times over. We read it every morning and every night just before bed.” –Jessica (Amazon)

My kids love Berenstain Bears (don’t yours)? They’ve taught my kids so many life lessons. This is a must-have Easter basket stuffer for kids!




Classic Retelling of the Easter Story!

The Story of Jesus is quite accurate when compared with the Bible story itself. Every page is beautifully illustrated and easy enough for a first or second grader to read…..They will love it!” –Janet (Amazon)

How awesome to have a Little Golden Book-version of Jesus’ life! This book is a gentle look at Jesus’ birth, childhood, teachings, crucifixion, and resurrection.

The illustrations and text written in the classic Little Golden Book-style are wonderfully rich, warm and inviting to kids. Love as an Easter basket stuffer!

#1 Amazon Best Seller in Children’s Christian Biographies! Enjoy the wonderful story of Easter written in the classic Little Golden Books style.




Awesome Read-Aloud for Little Ones about Easter!

#1 Best Seller in Religious Holiday Books on Amazon!

You’ll love snuggle up with your kids to read this book about the true story of Easter. Soft, pastel colors and easy-to understand language for kids. One of my favorite quotes from the book: “God loved us so much he wanted us to always be with him too. That’s why God knew he’d need to give us Easter.”

“A lovely book and my grandchildren enjoyed it. It gave us an opportunity to talk about God.”–Docs Enigma (Amazon)

This beautiful introduction to the Easter message is a fabulous gift for any child’s Easter basket!




easter story for kids, easter, jesus, resurrection, cross, true easter story, easter book for kids, toddler, baby, preschoolerBring Jesus’ Truth to Life in Every Bible Story

Over 3,000 Amazon reviews and 5 Stars! This is a must-have book for your kids!

“This is a beautifully written, powerful children’s Bible with lovely illustrations. Just what we were looking for. Before giving it to our three-year-old daughter, my husband and I read it and were overjoyed to be able to share a children’s Bible that so eloquently shares the Big Story on every page in a way that children (and adults) can connect with.”– April (Amazon)

We’ve read and listened to the audio version of this book time and time again. It’s a classic in our home! And while it tells much more than just the Easter story, it is a wonderful gift for kids! What I love best about this book is that every Bible story here comes back to Jesus.

I would highly, highly recommend this book as a wonderful Easter gift for any young child!




easter story for kids, easter, jesus, resurrection, cross, true easter story, easter book for kids, toddler, baby, preschoolerA Wonderful First Introduction to the Gospel!

Soft, huggable board book that tells toddler and preschoolers the true meaning of Easter–that it’s all about Jesus! Wonderful rhyming Easter story for the littlest kids.

“I bought this for my 15-month-old daughter and it was perfect. She loves the pictures and I love the words! It’s very rhythmically enticing and rolls off the tongue much like nursery-rhymes do. It keeps her attention well.” –K Franklin (Amazon)

Durable, padded pages. Great for toddlers and preschoolers. Includes carrying handle! Small size makes it perfect to fit inside a child’s Easter basket!




Kids Love this Little Egg-Shaped Easter Book!

“This is a short and sweet book that focuses on the non- commercial side of Easter. It’s an adorable book for toddlers that depicts animals witnessing the resurrection. This is a perfect introduction for babies and toddlers.”–Anonymous (Amazon)

This book is just the right size for a young child’s Easter basket! Sturdy, colorful, beautiful book shares the awe and joy of Easter with precious little ones.

An adorable little lamb tells kids about the true Easter story in this wonderful little egg-shaped board book. Perfect way for toddlers and preschoolers to hear the Easter message!


Kids Bible Music and Kids Bible Movies

Beautiful Lullabies Soothe Kids to Sleep with the Gospel Message of Love

Nearly 1,200 Amazon reviews and 5 Stars! Incredible resource for sharing beautiful songs about faith with kids! Perfect for bedtime!

“The scripture sung in the form of lullabies is a powerful ‘do not be afraid for I am with you’ message, something we all benefit from. The other night our 3 year old was having a time going to sleep – I put the music on, helped her to bed, said a short prayer with her and she was asleep before the end of the 2nd song.” –Allen (Amazon)

Not only is this a wonderful way to share gentle messages about God through song, the lullaby music on this CD is incredibly relaxing (even for adults!). This gift is great for kids who are prone to nightmares or who just want a good night’s sleep.

Perfect as an Easter basket stuffer! Get yours for your child!




Great Easter Gift That Helps Kids Memorize Scripture!

Most of the scriptures that my kids have memorized have come from listening to this CD. Seriously!

What a great way to get Bible verses in your kids’ hearts–while running errands! These are high-quality songs that kids love! Awesome Easter gift!

“I grew up listening to these songs in the car (on tape back then). I can still sing the songs. These are not cheesy. The words to the songs are simply a Bible verse. The vocals are exceptional for children’s voices. They harmonize on most of them. Each song has a quick spoken intro, then a child says the Bible verse, then the song starts. Really great quality and fun songs!” –Becky (Amazon)

5 Stars on Amazon and a classic for kids! Help your kids easily memorize Bible verses too!



Wonderful Movie that Allows Kids to Encounter Jesus in a New Way

Over 300 reviews and nearly 5 stars!

Although this isn’t about Easter, kids love this great movie that tells about what Jesus was like. Claymation and cell animation combine to re-tell elements of Jesus’ life.

“The voice acting is superb. The animation is so well done the figures take on a life of their own. The story is also great because it adheres faithfully to the teachings of Jesus and the creators did a great job of making everything authentic looking. If you are looking for a video to watch with children/grandchildren about Jesus, this is the one to get!”–Halo9x

What a great way to fill our kid’s hearts with hope! Check out this as a Easter basket stuffer!



The Jesus Film… Made for Children!

“My 5-year old grandchild was spell-bound by this right through to the end & was involved, answering back to the children in the movie. This is a great Gospel tool for you to watch with your children or grandchildren.” –Nancy (Amazon)

LOVE this timeless classic. If you’ve seen the “Jesus Film”, this is an adaption for kids of that original movie. It is biblically accurate and compelling for kids and includes the powerful telling of Easter through the eyes of a child (without being too graphic or scary). It’s a keeper in our home!

This movie tells the story to life through the eyes of a child, and invites incredible discussion. Such a great movie! Highly recommend as an Easter gift for any child.



Kids Easter Activity Books and Easter Coloring Books


Awesome Easter Activity Book for Kids!

“I am in love with this activity book! I do Bible study and my 3.5 year old always wants to write in my bible study books like I do. I decided to give these a try and she is so excited and calls it her bible study.” –Savannah (Amazon)

Stickers, activities, counting and other educational tools make it fun for kids to learn about Easter! What a great Easter basket gift for preschoolers and toddlers! Get your copy here!

Wonderfully fun activities with bright colors make this the ideal gift in your child’s Easter basket! 5 Stars and over 70 reviews on Amazon! Perfect gift!



65+ Stickers Make this Activity Book a Kids’ Favorite!

Perfect for preschoolers and toddlers! Love that this book presents the gospel account of Easter in a fun way!

“I love this book! I got it for my five-year-old granddaughter. I want her to understand that the true story of Easter is not just about Easter eggs, bunnies and candy. I want her to enjoy all those things but at the same time know the story of Christ’s sacrifice for all of us and the wonderful story of Christ’s resurrection. The book has lots of stickers and puzzles, things that my granddaughter enjoys so much.”–Maria (Amazon)

Coloring pages, mazes, connect the dots and more make this a really fun Easter Activity book for kids ages 3-6!

Give your kids a gift that teaches them the true story of Easter while having fun with stickers!



Your Kids Can Color Their Way Through the Bible!

This 192-page coloring and activity book is going in my five-year-old’s Easter basket this year! I love how it tells the story of Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection, along with tons of other classic Bible stories!

What a great way to help your kids develop eye hand coordination while also hearing wonderful stories about God!

“This is a really good “tool” for teaching Bible stories to young children. There is a whole Bible story in a few pages.”–Sue (Amazon)

This is highly recommended for a child’s quiet time or as a busy bag activity. Wonderful gift for an Easter basket! Get yours for your kids too!



I hope these give you some great ideas of what you can you put in your preschooler’s Easter basket!

Enjoy sharing about the true story of Easter with these Easter basket stuffers!

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