The Surprising Meaning & Origin of the Easter Symbols

Have your kids ever asked:

“Mom, what do eggs and bunny rabbits have to do with Easter?”

Good question, right?!

Have you ever wondered where the typical Easter symbols came from and their meanings? 

Here’s what I’ve discovered about the origin of many Easter symbols, such as Easter eggs, pastel colors, Easter bunnies, Easter lilies, and the cross.

Hold on to what you thought you knew, because I’m pretty sure you’ll be surprised (I was)!

Where do the Easter symbols like the Easter bunny, Easter eggs, pastel colors, Easter lilies and more come from? I was totally surprised (and encouraged!) by this post on the true history of Easter!

In an effort to provide answers to my own kids (and to help other moms to do the same), I have devoted many hours to researching holiday history (you can read more at my site,

My prayer is that this information will better equip you to have meaningful conversations with your kids this Easter!

Let’s discover the true meanings behind Easter’s symbols!

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