10 Kids Christmas Gifts That Build Strong Families

Family time. It’s something we all want more of, right?

What if we were able to combine our desire for family bonding with awesome kids Christmas gifts?

I love this idea, don’t you? Time spent as a family is absolutely priceless in my book. And I love the idea of buying Christmas presents for my kids that encourage family closeness and quality time.

Family time. It's something we all want more of, right? What if we were able to combine our desire for family bonding with awesome kids Christmas gifts? Here's a list of 10 types of kids Christmas gifts that build family bonds! Great ideas here... don't miss them!

2-christ-centered-christmas-family-traditions-logo-copyPsst… speaking of family bonding, if you love the idea of a faith-based family Christmas focused around simple, God-honoring traditions, you’ve got to see the Christ-Centered Christmas Family Traditions System!

This incredible resource contains everything you need to create Christ-honoring Christmas decor and activities, including:

  • 30 Day Countdown to Christmas Bible Study
  • 30 Acts of Kindness Activities
  • Scripture response tools, such as an inductive Bible study and memory cards
  • Kids’ Christmas crafts, such as ornaments and Christmas story coloring pages
  • 8 x 10 and 5 x 5 faith-based Christmas home decor printables
  • Resources to make Christmas banners, fireplace/mantle decor
  • and SO much more!

Hundreds of families all over the world love how these resources bring their family together at Christmas!

Check it out now (then you can come back and here the other ideas for family bonding at Christmas):





Alright! Let’s get started on those kids Christmas gifts that bring your family closer!

mom reading with kids

1) Interactive read-aloud books

When I think of family bonding, I often imagine cuddling up together under a blanket reading a book with my little ones. It’s in these moments that I realize that my mothering days are long, but the years are short, indeed! Can I suggest two series of books that are especially awesome for this?

  • The Shine-A-Light books. These are truly extraordinary! Portions of pages inside these books are translucent, and when a child shines a flashlight from underneath the page, a hidden animal or scene is revealed! This is extra exciting when done under a makeshift tent blanket (at least according to my three-year-old)!

There are 6 different books in the series:


 2) One time project to make together

What if you gave a gift that was project-based, such as a pre-packaged build-a-birdhouse kit like this?

Or, oooh… I love this Sewing School: 21 Sewing Projects Kids Will Love to Make book!

You could even purchase a large-scale LEGO kit to build together (this LEGO Star Wars Death Star and LEGO Architecture White House are impressive!).

What is your child into right now, and what kind of a project could you build together around that concept? This would be especially great as a teen gift (check out this recent post about how tackling projects with teens is a great bonding tool).

There are lots of other learning-type gifts in this post (62 Gifts That Teach Kids and Encourage Creativity).


3) Subscription-based monthly kit package

My oldest son and I first subscribed to Kiwi Crate when he was a preschooler and he loved how a themed craft project was delivered to our door each month!

The Kiwi Crate concept has now changed slightly since their monthly creative projects are geared more towards ages 5-8. The brand has also expanded to Tinker Crate (for kids 9-16 into science and technology), Koala Crate (fun and learning for preschoolers ages 3-4), Doodle Crate (creative DIY projects for kids 9-16).

This is like guaranteed time together with mom or dad each month putting together something really cool. Now that’s a great gift!


4) Coupons for a parent-child date

If simple time together hanging out is the goal, I love these adorable coupons herehere or especially here.

You can give things like “free date night with dad” or “good for ice cream with mom.” These would be especially awesome to give to a niece, a nephew or to a grandchild!


5)  Family board games

We love board games! Of course there are classics like MonopolyLifeJenga and Scrabble (our favorites), but we love this new game called Telestrations!  It’s like of like a written form of the telephone game. My kids can’t get enough of it! Many people also love Settlers of Catan.


6) Gifts that teach a new skill

Do you sew? Like to scrapbook? Enjoy gardening? Play the ukulele? What if you were able to share those hobbies with a child and pass on your knowledge?

My husband and I recently purchased a beginners child guitar for our very eager (and musically inclined) daughter as a birthday gift. Our goal is to have my guitar-playing husband spend time with her weekly as he teaches her basic chords and songs.

What skill can you can pass on and share with a child as a Christmas gift?


7) A one-time trip (or annual pass) to a local amusement park, zoo or museum

Who doesn’t love a great family outing together? Some places are more expensive than others, but if your budget allows, what a great gift that keeps on giving throughout the year!

If you’re giving a gift of an amusement park that has well-known characters (such as Disney), wouldn’t it be fun to have that character “deliver” the package on Christmas morning?


8) Tickets to a concert or sporting event

This is another great gift that allows families to bond together. If it’s too much for the whole family to go (or it wouldn’t make sense for the whole family to go), then this could be a special parent-child date, or a grandparent-child date! Of course it may not be the parent or grandparent’s ideal date, but it’s a great way to not only allow the child to have the experience but to tell the child that you want to be engaged in what they’re engaged in.


9) Sports equipment.

Last night all six of us were shooting hoops on our driveway with the new basketball hoop that the boys had recently received for their birthdays. None of us are especially skilled with a basketball, but we just had great fun trying to make baskets. Sports equipment gifts (basketballs, basketball hoops, baseball and bat, or other outdoor games) not only are awesome kids Christmas gifts that encourage family bonding, but promote exercise and good health as well!


10) Audio Dramas.

Our family loves listening to audio dramas together! We usually listen in the car, but it would also be a great family activity to do at home while coloring or drawing together, or putting together a puzzle. If you need some ideas, don’t miss this ultimate list of kids’ audio dramas–it’s one of the most popular posts on this site!

There you have it! Which of these would your kids love? Share with us in the comments.

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