Welcome to Christ-Centered Holidays!

I’m Alicia Michelle, a happily-married, homeschool mom of four crazy kiddos (learn more about my adventures here at my other site Your Vibrant Family), and I’m so glad you’ve found Christ-Centered Holidays!

If you love celebrating holiday events (either by yourself or together with your family) then you’re in the right place!

But first things first: I need to tell you that this isn’t just a place where you can come to get seasonal ideas. Frankly, there are already lots of great ideas out there and my intent is not to add to the clutter.

Instead, at Christ-Centered Holidays, we believe holidays are a chance to discover more about the important things in life and to grow in authentic relationship with each other.

We see holidays as a refreshing opportunity to put aside the daily routines and rush-rush-rushing so that we can truly savor life as it is right now (even the imperfect parts).

And most of all, we see holidays as a bright, beautiful invitation to learn more about the most important relationship we’ll ever have–the one with the God who loved us and created us.

He, Jesus Christ, is continually calling out to us, eager for us to grow in fellowship with Him. His love for us is deep, wide and never-ending! He uses every experience in our lives as an opportunity to call out to Him and to know Him better.

And that’s why we’ve developed an entire site dedicated to holiday celebrations that focus on Christ.

Practical, Beautiful Seasonal Resources to Help You Grow Close to God

At ChristCenteredHolidays.com, you’ll find exciting, fresh inspiration for Christ-centered holiday celebrations.

Along with free site content you’ll find awesome, high-quality resources that bring scriptural truths to life for each holiday season. These resources are based on what you–the readers–have told us you’d like!

Our resources include items like:

  • Seasonal, full-color Bible studies/devotionals (with different studies for women, couples, families, or independent study)
  • Bible memory cards and study aids
  • Seasonal prayer challenges and prayer cards
  • Gorgeous home decor items like banners and 8 x 10 printables
  • Fun kids (and adult!) coloring pages
  • Exciting holiday craft project ideas
  • Other fun activities such as seasonal countdowns, outdoor activities and more!

Each resource is available seasonally and often includes bonus material (or, as in the case of the Christ-Centered Easter Women’s Resources, the opportunity for accountability, feedback and connection via a private Facebook group with me).

It’s Time to Re-Discover True Holiday Celebration

Holidays allow us to re-discover, savor and treasure the most important things in life. Wonderful things happen when we choose to put everything else aside and celebrate.

However, it’s even more amazing to consider that God can use simple-yet-meaningful holiday activities to renew, restore and replenish like nothing else!

What if we viewed holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter (and even smaller activities like St Patrick Day and Valentines Day) as divine opportunities in our hectic lives to discover new aspects about Him and to grow deeper?

What if we viewed these annual moments of celebration as a uniquely sacred chance for individual growth, marital healing or family unity?

Wouldn’t this bring awesome new life–literally!–to our cyclical seasons and annual holidays?

And of course, all of this becomes more incredible when we consider how we can pass on these annual traditions with our children and make quality, beautiful memories centered around growing together in God.

Celebrating my 40th birthday with friends

When we approach holidays with this perspective, even celebrations like birthdays and anniversaries can become holy, beautiful opportunities to cherish life and connect in exciting new ways.

At ChristCenteredHolidays.com, we’re dedicated to sharing ideas about how to discover his timeless truths through our beloved seasonal events.

We’re glad you’re here and can’t wait to celebrate all the great things that God will do as we enjoy Christ-centered holidays together!


Celebrating In His Great Name,

Alicia Michelle

Owner/Editor, ChristCenteredHolidays.com

P.S. If you’d like to share an idea or comment, please feel free to contact me anytime at alicia@christcenteredholidays.com. I’d love to hear from you!