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DIY Beard Oil for Your Guy

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Got a guy with a beard? Why not make DIY Beard Oil–the perfect Christmas gift, Father’s Day gift or Valentines Day gift for him!

Beards and mustaches are all the rage right now, but do you know what isn’t?

Itchy, prickly facial hair that makes snuggling like cuddling up with a brillo pad. Not cool.

But thankfully all that manly scruffiness can be easily tamed with one simple item: beard oil.

And the best part? Your guy doesn’t need fancy, expensive creams or lotions to turn his facial hair into something soft and kissable.

I’ve got an ultra-easy DIY beard oil recipe that’s:

  • easy to make
  • inexpensive
  • softens even the scraggliest beards; and
  • leaves your guy smelling great to boot.

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And did I mention it only requires 2-3 ingredients and takes mere minutes to make? Any bearded dude would love this homemade beard oil as a Father’s Day gift, birthday gift or Christmas gift.

You’ll find the recipe (and FREE labels to download!) below.

And remember–if the DIY beard conditioner is for your husband, it’s actually a gift for you too!

Goodbye scratchy and scruffy. Hello soft, snuggly (and sexy)!

How to Make DIY Beard Oil as a Gift for Your Guy

If your guy is anything like mine, he doesn’t have a lot of beauty products on his side of the bathroom counter.

Guys can be pretty simple like that: soap, toothpaste and a toothbrush and that’s it, right?

diy beard oil | gifts for men | DIY gifts for men | diy beard oil recipe | fathers day gift ideas for men | valentines day gift ideas for men |But start talking to them about their mustache or beard (and how you can make it better) and their ears perk up.

“Hmmm… a better beard? Do tell…”

It’s all about the marketing, ladies.

And, for us busy moms, it’s all about keeping things simple and low-cost.

Who needs to spend $13.50, $19.95 or more on something like beard oil when you can easily make an inexpensive all-natural beard conditioner (with a customized fragrance for your guy)? 

Surprise your guy (and go from scruffy to sexy!) with this simple recipe!

All Natural DIY Beard Oil Recipe

diy beard oil | gifts for men | DIY gifts for men | diy beard oil recipe | fathers day gift ideas for men | valentines day gift ideas for men |

DIY Beard Oil Ingredients:

diy beard oil | gifts for men | DIY gifts for men | diy beard oil recipe | fathers day gift ideas for men | valentines day gift ideas for men |  beard oil essential oils

DIY Beard Oil Step 1:

Add about 3 tablespoons coconut oil and 1 teaspoon glycerin to a 2 oz. small glass container with a lid. It’s important to use glass in order to maintain the integrity of the essential oils.

DIY Beard Oil Step 2:

Add essential oils and mix with a toothpick or small spoon (learn about some essential oils and  combinations below).

Here are a few great smelling essential oils that are awesome for your guy’s skin and beard:

Sandalwood: One of the top essential oils for the skin because it helps regulate the production of sebum and is perfect for all skin types. It’s woodsy scent smells fantastic (and is considered an aphrodisiac). It’s one of the more expensive oils, so I appreciate that Rocky Mountain Oils offers a cost effective alternative. 

Cedarwood: Another excellent oil for the skin (especially for treating acne and dandruff) with a light woodsy scent. It’s also helpful for those with attention issues.

Frankincense: Considered the “king of the oils,” Frankincense has many wonderful applications from skin care to mental well-being. It has a full, clean herby scent that blends well with many other oils.

Tea Tree: One of the best oils for fighting infection and small skin wounds. We use this in combination with lavender as a healing remedy for cuts and bug bites, so it’s also excellent for healing shaving nicks. It has a strong, fresh, pungent aroma.

Vanilla: Vanilla softens the aroma of other oils with its calming, sweet, dessert-like scent. (P.S. This vanilla essential oil blend isn’t the same as the vanilla extract used in baking.)

Clove Bud: This sweet, spicy oil (like cloves) is used in many immune strengthening blends. It can be overpowering (use sparingly and always blend with a carrier oil), but it helps to achieve that certain “manly fragrance smell” that many of our guys love.

Bergamot: Bergamot is another excellent oil for skin care, and has been known to ease tension and stress. In terms of smell, its slightly floral/citrus scent blends well with other oils and creates a lighter, brighter tone (without smelling too feminine).

Grapefruit or Lime: Citrus oils like these add a refreshing, uplifting top note smell to your beard oil. However, citrus oils are phototoxic (meaning that they shouldn’t be used if your guy is in the sun a lot).

These essential oils are amazing and have so many other uses beyond making the DIY Beard Oil!

Check out these essential oils here on the Rocky Mountain Oils site!

Here are four beard oil combinations my husband and I came up with:

(DOWNLOAD your free labels here–one for each formula below, plus a blank label if you want to create your own beard oil name!)

Rustic DIY Beard Oil

Lumberjack DIY Beard Oil

Mountain Man DIY Beard Oil

Woodsy Spice DIY Beard Oil

Step 3: Print the label (download it here!) and affix it to the top of the container using Mod Podge or double-sided tape (Mod Podge will make it waterproof).

Give your beard oil recipe a fun name that your guy will love (you can use the names we came up with or create your own!).

Package this beard oil together with a beard comb (like one of these!) and you’ve got a fantastic gift for Father’s Day, Christmas or a birthday.

You can even make up several of them in bulk and give them to other bearded guys in your life (your dad, brother, uncle, son, etc).

Fun, right?! Enjoy making this simple beard oil for your husband, boyfriend (or another guy in your life).

Here’s to manly men (with soft beards)!

P.S. Don’t forget to grab your free DIY Beard Oil labels!

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