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Discover more Christ and less chaos in your Christmas.

Ready to enjoy a Christmas filled with the joy of Christ?  

Would you like your family to:

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    Really absorb the meaning behind the true Christmas story?
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    Experience spiritual renewal and joy?
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    Discover more to Christmas than just presents and gift-giving?
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    Live out their faith with fun, Christ-honoring Christmas activities?

Discover how the Christ-Centered Christmas Family Traditions Resources™ can make that happen for your family.


Two Secrets to a Christ-Centered Christmas:

Christ-Centered Activities 


Christ-Centered Atmosphere

The Christ-Centered Christmas Family Traditions Resources™ 

makes it easy to do both.

With step-by-step instructions and all the printable resources in one place, the Christ-Centered Christmas Family Traditions Resources™ make it easy for your family to enjoy meaningful Christ-centered activities and to establish a Christ-centered atmosphere throughout the Christmas season.


Christ-Centered Christmas Activities Made Fun & Easy

Create wonderful Christ-centered Christmas family memories with these fun Christmas activities such as Bible studies, a 30-Day Christmas countdown, kids coloring crafts, scripture memory tools and so much more. Step-by-step instructions make activities simple to plan and do-able for any busy family. 

Teach the Christmas story in an easy and exciting new way with the  30 Day Christmas Countdown Bible Study.

Engage with God's word using Scripture Response Tools that are perfect for everyone from preschoolers to adults.

Bring Christmas truths to life with a 30 Day Christmas Random Acts of Kindness challenge.

A Beautiful Christ-Centered Christmas Atmosphere. Done.

Welcome a peaceful, Christ-filled Christmas joy into your home with well-designed printables you can mix and match into custom Christ-centered home decor. Create everything from beautiful Christmas banners to striking mantle displays--each one proclaiming the glory of Christ's wonderful birth. 

Remember the true reason for the season with encouraging Home Decor Printables in various sizes, including 5 x 5 and 8 x 10.

Be inspired by Christ-themed Christmas banners that include pictures of your family, your children's artwork or whatever encouraging messages you'd like to display.

Create calm and beauty with printables that make dry-erase boards, printable picture galleries, framed Christmas artwork for a mantle or shelf, and so much more. 

NOTE: The Christ-Centered Christmas Family Traditions Resources™ components are styled on this page using Christmas decor and other supplies to demonstrate how to use these printables as part of your plan to create a meaningful Christ-centered holiday. When you purchase the Christ-Centered Christmas Family Traditions Resources™ you are only purchasing the digital download. Utilize these resources to create activities and home decor that reflect your family's personal style and needs. 

What Do Other Families Say About These Resources?



The Christ-Centered Christmas Family Traditions Resources™ is EXACTLY what our family needed. Even with five children under the age of 9, these activities are simple, do-able and most importantly, focused on Jesus. Thank you!


I love how these gorgeous printables have such clear instructions that make the system really simple to use and completely adaptable. These are things I can use with my grandkids as well as my older kids. So many great ideas!



What sets this system apart is that it saves you time and uncertainty by giving you the perfect place to start. This system is easy to implement with all the tools and support you need! It's a great resource for young families and anyone who wants a more intentional Christmas.



I'm so excited to put the Christ-Centered Christmas Family Traditions Resources™ to use that I may not wait until Christmas! There is something here for every family, for preschoolers to teens!


My favorite part of the Christ-Centered Christmas Family Traditions Resources™ is the videos included that help you see the vision for this resource. As a visual learner, the videos will really help these resources come to life in my home!



My personal favorite is the "Birthday Gifts for Jesus" Activity. What an incredible tradition, and it is something that our family can do when the kids are little or when they are grown! We will definitely be utilizing this system for years to come!


Mix & Match Pieces for Your Perfect Christmas Plan

143 individual pieces (all in one place) make it a breeze to create custom Christ-centered activities and to develop the perfect Christ-centered atmosphere for your unique family needs. Step-by-step instructions, over 50 ideas, video guides plus a how-to guidebook make everything easy to put together.


The Christ-Centered Christmas Family Traditions Resources™ are: 

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    Easy to use with step-by-step instructions
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    Adaptable for busy families, couples or individuals
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    Perfect for kids and adults of all ages
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    Beautifully designed to compliment your current Christmas decor



I love that this system is customizable to what our family needs and that I can use it without feeling overwhelmed or guilty for 'missing something.'


We spent a decade with a very low-key, Mennonite-style Christmas, eliminating old traditions with nothing to replace it with--and the result was that we lost the worship and special memories that mean so much.

This year, we are easing back into celebrations, but I want to avoid the commercialization and secularism that is so rampant during Christmas. These amazing resources are exactly what I've needed to get my whole family excited and involved in a Christ-centered Christmas. I'm so excited to get started with these resources! 



I can't wait to dive into these activities and continue our attitude of thankfulness beyond Thanksgiving and into the advent season!


Frequently Asked Questions

Do these resources contain a Bible study?

What crafts and activities are included?

How do I know what to do with all of these printables?

Do I have to do all of these activities?

Tell me more about the 30 Day Christmas Countdown.

Tell me more about the Christmas Acts of Kindness Activities.

Tell me more about the "Birthday Gifts for Jesus" Activity.

What's the age range for these resources?

How much time do these activities take each day?

What if I want my child to do these activities independently?

Are these resources sold separately?

Do the Christ-Centered Christmas Family Traditions Resources™ require any additional supplies for use?

Can I buy a hard copy of these Christmas resources and have it sent to me?

Do these resources contain activities about or mentions of Santa, reindeer, snowmen or other secular Christmas references?

What version of the Bible do these resources use?

What's your statement of faith and what do these resources teach?



Every year, hundreds of families worldwide like yours use these amazing resources in order to create wonderful, Christ-centered Christmas memories with their loved ones!

However, if for any reason you don't love the Christ-Centered Christmas Family Traditions Printables™,email and we will happily refund your money as long as it is within the first 14 days of purchase.  


With the Christ-Centered Christmas Family Traditions Resources™...

You will love:

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    How easy it is to create meaningful Christmas family memories
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    Having all your Christmas activities and printables in one place
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    Using coordinated elements that work well together or independently
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    Giving your kids the chance to live out the truths of Christmas 
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    Watching the true Christmas story come alive to your kids

Your family will love:

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    Creating new traditions together that celebrate our Savior
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    Enjoying fun, interactive ways to experience the Christmas story
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    Hearing, seeing and writing about Jesus' birth 
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    Creating meaningful crafts and spending quality time with you
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    Discovering the authentic joy, peace, and love of Christmas 

This system has everything you need to create the meaningful Christmas you want.



This system will ensure that we have the time to focus on Christ and enjoy this most wonderful time of the year! I'm thrilled to have these resources for my family!

Your Answer for a Simply Beautiful Christ-Centered Holiday.

Yes, you can have a joy-filled Christmas that builds lasting family connections, focuses on Jesus and encourages life-changing spiritual growth.

The Christ-Centered Christmas Family Traditions Resources™ makes it completely possible with engaging, easy-to-use elements that proclaim the refreshing truths of the season.

Download your copy today!