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Fall Sausage Skillet Dinner Recipe with Sweet Potatoes & Apples

Have you discovered the beauty of a sausage skillet dinner? Chop up a few vegetables and some protein, cook them together in a skillet and presto–you have an easy, fast and fresh weeknight dinner. This fall sausage skillet dinner recipe combines the ease of a skillet supper with the intoxicating flavors of fall that make us […]

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Roasted Butternut Squash Spinach Salad with Chicken, Apple & Cranberries

When fall rolls around and butternut squash is in season again, my heart goes pitter-pat because I know that I get to make this recipe: Roasted Butternut Squash Spinach Salad with Chicken. It truly is one of my favorite dinners to make during October and November. And for several years in a row, it’s occupied the highly-coveted space of […]


BBQ Chicken Lettuce Wraps with Goat Cheese and Sweet Potato Fries

Thank you Foster Farms for sponsoring this post. I love me some well-cooked chicken, don’t you? Chicken that is bursting with flavor and perfectly accented by the right combinations of vegetables. Chicken that is raised without antibiotics, hormones or steroids (like the Foster Farms Simply Raised Chicken Breasts that I’m using in this recipe). And–let’s be […]

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Decorate Your Home Seasonally for Free (250+ Free Home Decor Printables)

Don’t you love seasonal home decor? Here’s my secret to cheap holiday home decor: I love creating a seasonal picture frame gallery out of free home decor printables. Yes! With a picture frame collage of free wall art printables, you can have free DIY home decor that is easy to switch for each holiday or season. In […]

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How to Make a Sharpie Mug Gift

You need a teacher gift. Or a thank you gift. Or an easy grandparent gift. You can’t spend a lot, but you still want a special and unique gift, right? Here’s the perfect solution: DIY Sharpie mugs. You know–using special oil-based Sharpies to write a fun design on a plain mug, and then filling it with […]


How to Make the Best Paleo Pizza Crust Ever

If you’re trying to eat Paleo, gluten-free or grain-free, there’s one thing that you’ll miss right away. Pizza. The fact is that most recipes for grain-free or gluten-free pizza produce hard, crumbly (or off-tasting) crusts that behave nothing like the real deal. And that’s why I’m so excited to share THIS recipe. Because it’s nothing […]


5 Most Popular Quick Easy Healthy Recipes

It’s meal planning time (again) and you need some fresh new recipe ideas. Phew, have I been there! So today I’m helping you out! Here’s Your Vibrant Family’s 5 best recipes for your inspiration (chosen by number of pageviews)! Plus this post is part of an awesome series of top recipes from other bloggers. Girl, there’s lots of great recipe ideas […]