True spring renewal is possible. Even for the busiest moms.

Discover closeness to God & spiritual renewal... in only a few minutes each day.

  • Enjoy real replenishment, even if life is hectic 
  • Experience hope, peace and Easter joy like never before

There’s not enough time for ME. And I really, really need refreshment right now!”

Sound familiar? I think we can all relate to that one.

It can seem downright impossible to get any sort of spiritual renewal as a mom, especially during extra busy seasons like Easter (ironically enough).

We know we need it. But we just have no idea how to make it happen.

We’re too busy running around taking care of everyone else to stop for “Easter renewal,” right?

Here’s the thing: What if Easter renewal could happen in a mere five to ten minutes a day?

What if all it took was sitting down with God for a few minutes—for 12 days—to just breathe and let him restore and replenish you?

If you’re ready for authentic Easter rebirth that comes from simple, quiet moments with Godmoments you and I desperately need—then this the perfect resource for you!

  • Connect with God in five to ten minutes a day
  • Simple, powerful method
  • Gorgeous, feminine design
  • Grow deep with God, right where you are this Easter
  • Powerful, bite-sized lessons
  • Enjoy closeness to God and awesome spiritual renewal