12 days to a stronger, better marriage this spring. Here’s how.

Discover how even the busiest couples can enjoy renewal in their marriage.

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We long for deeper connection, but we are stuck because of this

I’m guessing that if you’re like most couples, you and your spouse are open to the idea of spending intentional time together. You want to grow closer as a couple.

But the issue here isn’t willingness. Most couples are willing to invest in their marriages (in some way at least).

The real question couples get stuck on is this: HOW?

How do we not let parenting and career goals keep us so distracted that we end up drifting apart as a couple?

How do we physically find the time to invest in our marriage?

And let’s talk logistics: How do we actually “spend time together spiritually” with our spouses? What does that look like?

If you and your spouse are stuck in the “HOW” questions too, let me help guide you toward those first steps toward regularly investing in your marriage.

How will the Christ-Centered Easter Marriage Resources help you discover the vibrant marriage you want? 

  • Insightful "Just Between Us" questions encourage deep communication
  • 12-day prayer challenge invites God's power into your everyday married life
  • Date night follow-up questions keep the conversation going


  • Inviting God into your marriage through this Bible study brings hope and healing to your family.