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Charlotte’s Web Family Movie Night: Weave a Web of Family Connection

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This post is one of the ten in Vibrant Homeschooling’s Fabulous Family Movie Nights series. Click here to see the other movies featured and be inspired to plan an interactive learning experience through movies with your family this summer!

Spending time together as a family is a must in any home. Family time is important, and something that we should all make time for.  Two of our favorite things to do together as a family is reading books, and watching movies. I love that we can do both with Charlotte’s Web!

Charlotte's Web Family Movie Night: Conversation starters, Family Friendly Crafts, and More! It's all part of the Fabulous Family Movie Nights Series at Vibrant Homeschooling. A new movie every Thursday through August 27!



One of the first books we read as a family together was Charlotte’s Web. It has been a family favorite in our home for many years. It is also one of our favorite family movies!

One of the great things about Charlotte’s Web is that there are tons of activities available that can extend family time past just a movie night!

About The Movie

Charlotte’s Web is a classic movie that many of us grew up with!  The story involves a young girl named Fern who is growing up on her family’s farm. One day piglets are born, and one is a runt. Fern saves the young pig and raises it.  She names him Wilbur. Once Wilbur is too old to stay on the family farm it is sent to Fern’s uncle’s farm. There Wilbur meets a spider named Charlotte. Charlotte saves Wilbur by webbing creative words in her web. There is a classic and modern version,  Plugged in Online reviewed the more modern version, and gave it rave reviews!

Charlotte’s Web Family Activities

  • Younger kids love to sing songs! Consider singing The Itsy Bitsy Spider together as a family.
  • Go as a family on a spider hunt! Head out for a nature walk and see what you can find. Look high and low, turn over rocks, in trees and wherever else the kids may think a spider could lurk. Compare webs by looking at sizes, designs and other features.

Books to Expand the Family Fun

Be sure to check out the original Charlotte’s Web–the classic book by E.B. White! It may be a good idea to read the book before watching the movie

Charlotte’s Web Related Foods and Recipes

  • I love the idea from Growing Book by Book about making pig pancakes for breakfast!
  • Unplug Your Family shares how they made chocolate pretzel spider webs!
  • Pigs in a blanket would be a great dinner idea before watching the movie.
  • You may also consider gummy worms and chocolate pudding.

Charlotte’s Web Discussion Questions

After the movie have a time of discussion to enhance family time and to share what you all thought about the movie. Here are some starter discussion questions:

  • What was your favorite part of the movie?
  • Charlotte wrote different names in her web to describe Wilbur. Which one did you think best described him?
  • What one word would you use to describe Charlotte?
  • How would you describe Fern and Wilbur’s friendship at the beginning? How about at the end?
  • Why do you think Fern’s family couldn’t keep Wilbur? Do you think they regretted not keeping him?

I hope you and your family enjoy your family movie night with Charlotte’s Web!


Since each family makes their own determination about which media content is suitable for their individual family members, parents are advised to preview the movie themselves before watching. Some movies may have content not suitable for the youngest audiences. Neither Vibrant Homeschooling or guest authors in the series will be held responsible for content that your family may or may not deem appropriate in these movies.


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