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14 Gifts for Book Lovers

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I love finding creative gifts for my loved ones. And since several of them are avid readers, I’m always on the lookout for unique gifts for book lovers.

If you also have some book lovers on your gift list, then you’ll appreciate this collection of 17 fun gifts for book lovers. Along with some tried-and-true gift ideas for book lovers, I’ve included a list of quirky and unique gifts for a book lover. Check them out below!

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3 Top Gifts for a Book Lover

  1. Kindle Fire Tablet

All-New Fire HD 10 Tablet with Alexa Hands-Free, 10.1All-New Fire HD 10 Tablet with Alexa Hands-Free, 10.1

What book lover wouldn’t love the latest Kindle Fire e-book tablet? This one has a 10.1″ 1080p Full HD display (1920 x 1200), up to 1.8 GHZ quad-core processor, 2 GB RAM, and up to 10 hours of battery life.

Enjoy millions of movies, TV shows, songs, Kindle eBooks, magazines, Android apps, and games—including Netflix, Facebook, HBO, Spotify, and more–all with the ease and portability of a tablet.

And because the Kindle Fire does way more than just serve as an amazing book reader, this Kindle Fire also has an Alexa hands-free mode to pause videos, play music, open apps, show sports scores, display the weather, and more (just ask Alexa).

This is a timeless, highly popular gift for book lovers. In fact, it’s the #1 new release in Computers and Accessories on Amazon!


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2. A Great New Book

And speaking of books, doesn’t it make sense that the best gift for a book lover is, in fact, a great new book?

What have been some of your favorite books? What books have challenged you, offered great advice or just were a great escape?

If you need some inspiration, here’s my favorite list of books I recommend for women.

I’ve included both fiction and non-fiction books in this list, and all of them are clean of language and sex. Some are Christian titles while others are popular mainstream titles. Some are scholarly and others are pure entertainment.

If your book lover is a woman, I know that she’ll love these books as a gift!

Go here to check out the list of 14 incredibly good books to read. 


3. Amazon Gift Card

Amazon eGift CardAmazon eGift Card

But if you’re not sure which book your book lover would prefer, can I suggest an Amazon Gift Card?

Give your book lover a gift that literally lets them pick from millions of books (and then delivers the gift straight to their door).

It’s also a perfect gift for book lovers who live far away or even in another country.

You pick the denomination, and they pick the book they love. Easy peasy. Go here to order an Amazon Gift Card.


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11 Unique Gifts for Books Lovers

One thing that most book lovers have in common is a great sense of humor–and a love for unusual, fun gifts. If you’re looking for appreciate quirky fun gifts about books or reading.


quote-mug-shakespeare-quote-mug-literary-mug-book-lovers-mug-gifts-for-book-lovers1. Funny Shakespearian Quotes Mug

Check out this hilarious mug with 30 Shakespearean insults on it. If your book lover is especially fond of classic literature, this is sure to be a favorite gift.

“I first saw this mug at a friend’s home and wow, did I want it! There is a matching Shakespeare’s Love Quotes mug, but that wasn’t nearly as much fun to read while sipping a cup of java.”–Kate (Amazon) (aff)

Know a book lover with a great sense of humor? This is a witty, funny and functional gift that’s sure to bring a smile! Best seller with nearly 5 stars!





reading-accessories-bath-accessories-gifts-for-book-lovers-relaxing-gifts-for-moms2. Wooden Bath Caddy

This gift isn’t necessarily quirky, but what book lover wouldn’t adore an easy way to read in the bath?

“I love this bathtub caddy. I wanted a create a spa like experience at home. I come home from work stressed after a long day all I want to is come home is relax.”–Amazon Customer

This wooden bath caddy is high quality and made of built-to-last walnut construction. Made for functionality and comfort and easily adjusts to bathtub dimensions. Relax in style and comfort as you enjoy a book and a cup of tea in the bath!

This is the ultimate gift of relaxation for a book lover.

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3. Pride & Prejudice Adult Coloring Book

Get your Jane Austen on with this unique gift for book lovers. This coloring book relaxes and reminds book lovers of the literary classic Pride & Prejudice.

This is a gorgeous coloring book with intricate designs for Jane Austen fans or anyone who appreciates classic literature. High quality designs and stunning scenes whisk book lovers away into a relaxing land of coloring enjoyment.

“As I was looking for some adult coloring options for a gift for a friend, I stumbled across this and was surprised that I never thought to search for it before! These illustrations are beautifully done and are sure to be stunning when colored. Perfect for any Jane Austen lover!”–lilacqueen75 (Amazon)


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book-lovers-ring-book-worm-ring-unique-gift-for-book-lovers-jewelry-gift-for-book-lovers-book-lovers-jewelry4. One of a Kind “Book Worm” Wrap Ring

“I love it! It’s absolutely beautiful and perfect. The ring is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much for my amazing ring and I look forward to more beautiful purchases!”–Melinda (Amazon) Don’t miss this easy beauty gift for teens! Great stocking stuffer!

Check out this handmade ring that any book lover will cherish as a gift. The design wraps around the finger and simply says “Book Worm” with a book design stamp on the inside. Unique and fun for women who love books!




poetry-kit-for-book-lovers-creative-gift-for-book-lovers-magnetic-poetry-kit5. Magnetic Poetry Kit for Book Lovers

Don’t miss this fun and creative gift book lovers adore!

“This will entertain us for hours. Every day the fridge says something different. Looking at getting another few packs in order to expand the vocab.”–Amazon Customer

Is there any better gift for readers than the gift of words? Magnetic words, that is? Book lovers will have a blast creating silly sayings, fun expressions and heartfelt sentiments as they use these magnetic words to share.

Over 200 words and letters to create masterpieces on your fridge… or anywhere there’s a magnetic surface! Creative gift for book lovers.





literary-cocktails-gifts-for-literary-lovers-book-lovers-gifts6. Literary-Themed Mixed Drink Recipes Book

Check out this hilarious book of mixed drink recipes with literary themes that book lovers will adore!

“I absolutely love this book! It not only has cocktail recipes, but also recipes for bar snacks and silly games. If you love literature and alcohol (I’m big fans of both) then this book is for you. “–Keslie (Amazon)

With drink recipes like “The Last of the Mojitos” and “Romeo & Julep,” this multiple-award-winning recipe book takes a fun literary twist to classic recipes.

What a great gift (and the ultimate cocktail book!) for book lovers.



library-stamp-kit-old-fashioned-library-stamp-gifts-for-book-lovers7. Personal Library Card Kit

There’s something whimsical, nostalgic and downright fun about this personal library card kit. This is a must-see gift for book lovers who treasure their books and eagerly cultivate a personal library (with books to loan out or just keep for themselves).

What a fun way for book lovers to keep track of their books! Book lovers will be transported back to a time when libraries used actual cards for their books. Fun, nostalgic gift for librarians and anyone who cherishes books.

“I LOVE this Personal Library Kit. I was so sad when my local library went digital, printing out receipts. It’s not the same. But I saw this kit and I soared! I am taken back to those sweet days when you would go to the library and find that perfect book to take home with you and the librarian would open the book and stamp that card and you would be forever engrained in the history of this book.”–Troglodyte237 (Amazon)


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8. Famous First Lines of Literature Mug

Book lovers will enjoy great conversation with their tea or coffee as they try to identify the origin of the 24 quotes on this mug (answers are on the bottom). This is a high quality, large sized ceramic mug that’s a great gift for any book lover.

“More fun than a crossword puzzle for the literature buff. See if you can name the books without looking at the answers on the bottom!”–Becky (Amazon)

What a unique and fun gift for book lovers that doubles as a conversation piece. You’ve got to see this!



library-card-iphone-cover-book-iphone-cover-gifts-for-book-lovers9. Library Card Design iPhone Cover

“Very impressed with the quality of this case, and it’s def an attention attracker! Everyone asks me where did I get it from. Very happy😊”–Lizzette (Amazon)

Book lovers can proudly display their affection for reading with this adorably unique Library Card Design iPhone cover.

High quality design with anti-scratch back cover and front lip for ultimate phone protection. This is a unique gift for book lovers and fun conversation piece.


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10. Vintage Book Cover for Laptop Computer

Oh how I adore this gift! This laptop case has the look and feel of an antique book. Along with being a top seller on Amazon, this is a fun, funky and practical gift for book lovers.

“The great selling point about this case (apart from its original and elegant appearance) is that you don’t need to remove it to use your Mac. Just open the two-way zip, and set up your laptop as usual. It’s a gorgeous case that I just love looking at.”–Dolphin (Amazon)

This protective 13″ leather Macbook case will impress any book lovers’ friends. Beautiful, thoughtful gift for a book lover.





book-lovers-gifts-libaray-card-socks-christmas-gifts-for-book-lovers11. “Out of Print” Library Card Socks

How cute are these library card socks! I want a pair of these!

Highly rated and a top favorite gift for book lovers, these cotton-blend socks are designed to look like old-fashioned library cards. They’re an adorable fashion statement for book lovers, and the perfect stocking stuffer for the book lover who has everything!

“Fun present for my sister, a librarian! Very cute and classic library art! These socks are just adorable and not just quirky, but also comfy and a nice color, not a crazy yellow, just a soft color that is lovely.”–JeannieInMD (Amazon)


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