Fun Fall Banner Project with Your Kids (4 Steps!)

When fall arrives each year I love doing seasonal fall crafts with my kids, especially fall activities that incorporate natural fall elements such as leaves and acorns. And one of our favorite fall family activities is to create a fall banner made out of these wonderful outdoor elements.


Being outside during the fall is awesome! And that’s why this fall banner  is such a great time to get outdoors with your family, this !

During the fall, our family loves taking walks and collecting all these lovely treasures on the ground. You know, pine cones, leaves, cool tree bark, acorns… all those very wonderful fall-ish items.

This fall kids art project is perfect because it combines taking a family walk, doing a simple art project and then creating a unique, no-fuss fall banner.

EASY and FUN fall craft project for kids! And you get a beautiful fall banner! Only 4 steps!

Easy-peasy, right?! Plus you’ve got the added element of family time and being outside.

Serve up some apple cider while you’re putting together your banner and you’ll be even that much more of a hero. It’s a win-win all around!

Here’s how to make your beautiful fall banner!

You’ll Need:

–8 x 10″ cardboard pieces (I cut up an old box), one for each child participating

–4″ x 8″ cardboard piece

–basic white craft glue

black acrylic craft paint

hot glue gun or other strong, quick-drying glue (I like Zip Dry)

–brightly colored tissue paper

–1.5 to 2 yards of 2-inch wide ribbon

jute or twine

–a good supply of fall leaves, acorns, tree bark, pine cones, pine needles, etc.


Step 1: Go for a walk and collect stuff.

EASY and FUN fall craft project for kids! And you get a beautiful fall banner! Only 4 steps!

You can make this as complicated (or not) as your time allows.

Maybe there’s a great trail you’ve been wanting to check out… or maybe a simple walk through the neighborhood is more in order.

Just spend a little time with your kiddos outside gathering anything and everything they think is cool! They will use all of these found items as the elements to build little animals or scenes in their art project.

FYI–Before we went on our walk, I gave my kids a heads up about what we were doing with all the items. We did a quick Google search for idea inspiration. I think this helped them in choosing what types of items to gather.


Step 2: Spread out your items and start brainstorming.

EASY and FUN fall craft project for kids! And you get a beautiful fall banner! Only 4 steps!

Examine your items carefully. Does this oddly shaped leaf look like the shape of a bird? Or can you layer all of the elements into a cool pattern or texture?

Allow your kids to play with the pieces until they find the animal or scene they’d like to create.

Then, cut an 8 x 10″ piece of tissue paper and have each child glue it to their 8 x 10″ piece of cardboard (use craft glue for this part since hot glue might melt the tissue paper).

Once the tissue paper is dry, the kids can begin gluing on each element of their picture. Some elements (like small pinecones or acorns) are heavier and thus a very strong craft glue (or hot glue) is recommended.


Step 3:  Make the “happy fall” sign.

EASY and FUN fall craft project for kids! And you get a beautiful fall banner! Only 4 steps!


EASY and FUN fall craft project for kids! And you get a beautiful fall banner! Only 4 steps!

While the kids are working away on their creations, you can put together the “happy fall” sign.

First, paint the 4 x 8″ cardboard piece black. You may need to do two coats to make sure that the paint has good coverage.

Once the paint is dry (you can use a hair dryer to speed the process along), use a hot glue gun to “handwrite” the letters “happy fall” on the cardboard. Have the jute out and ready as you do this.

As you write each letter, glue on a long piece of jute over the hot glue “handwriting,” thus attaching the jute to the cardboard. Only do one letter at a time since the hot glue will dry fast.

TIP: if you run into a letter that writes on top of itself such as with a “p,” don’t make a double layer of jute in that section of the letter. Instead, cut the jute in that spot and jump to the next section of the letter, continuing on.


Step 4: Glue it all together and hang it up.

EASY and FUN fall craft project for kids! And you get a beautiful fall banner! Only 4 steps!

Once the kids’ individual projects are completed and dried, lay out a piece of ribbon on a table or countertop and arrange the panels on top.

Using a glue gun, glue the ribbon to the back of each panel, creating a banner.

To hang the “happy fall” sign, punch a hole and attach a piece of jute to each side of the sign. Tie the sign and the banner to a curtain rod, a mantle, etc.

EASY and FUN fall craft project for kids! And you get a beautiful fall banner! Only 4 steps!

Your fall banner is complete!

Now you have a lasting memory and project to celebrate the glorious season of fall!

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Your kids will love this EASY and FUN fall craft project! It's a great way to use all those beautiful fall leaves and acorns you'll find. A wonderfully easy fall family project... that makes a beautiful fall banner for your home! Did I mention it's only 4 steps?!


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