7 Easy Christmas Ornaments Kids Can Make

Easy, fun and inexpensive Christmas ornaments to make with your kids! You'll love these 7 Christmas ornament designs... and making wonderful Christmas memories with your family!

1. Glitter Word Ornament

christmas ornaments kids can make

You’ll Need:


  • The secret behind this ornament is… spaghetti! Yes, simply cook spaghetti noodles and drain them in a colander.
  • Cut a piece of wax paper for each child. Rub a few drops of dishwashing soap over the wax paper in the area where you’ll be working.
  • Then hand the kids the noodles and let them spell words! It will take them several noodles to link together to spell the word, or in some cases, even just one letter. That’s fine. Just make sure that all the letters are touching. Cursive letters seem to work better for this reason.
  • Next, using your hot glue gun, draw a line of hot glue over the noodle, tracing each letter shape. Cover the letters with lots of glitter (it will stick to the hot glue).
  • After the hot glue has hardened for a few minutes, tip the wax paper up a little and shake off the excess glitter.
  • Next, peel the word off the back of the wax paper. If you find that a few noodles are still showing through, repeat the hot-glue-then-glitter-dousing process.
  • Thread a ribbon through one of the letters and hang!


  • The dishwashing soap-on-the-wax-paper trick is a must. If you skip this step you’ll be leaving me a not-so-nice comment about how your hot glue stuck to your wax paper and that the ornament was a major pain to peel off (not that I wouldn’t know about that or anything).
  • It’s also best to use freshly-cooked spaghetti noodles. If the noodles are too dry or have hardened into a clump, they’re really hard to peel apart…and thus your letter-making will not be as fun.
  • You don’t have to stick to letters and words! My kids got a little crazy and were making animals and snowmen and Christmas trees… well, you get the picture.

P.S. Are you not a “crafty” mom, or are you short on time? Check out how easy and simple the Kids Ornaments to Color are in the Christ-Centered Christmas Family Traditions System!

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