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Romantic Gifts for Men

How did Valentine’s Day sneak up so fast?! Do you know what you’re getting your husband this year for Valentine’s Day? Yeah, me either. But good news! I’ve gathered some of the best romantic gifts for men for some awesome inspiration. I’m going to be referring to these gift lists for my Valentine’s Day gifts this […]

This Christmas, we want to give meaningful gifts that will be treasured long after the wrapping paper is gone, right? Those kind of gifts are especially hard to find for our spouses. I want to share with you some amazing Christmas gifts that can bless your marriage during the holidays and for years to come. Read these amazing testimonies and be inspired about how you can bless your marriage (or someone else's) this holiday season!

Christmas Gifts That Tell Your Spouse “I Love You” In a Fresh New Way

Two and a half years ago, I walked into the ICU at a local hospital to visit my husband. This wonderful man–my confidante and life-long partner–was strapped to a bed with tubes and wires protruding from all over his body. The conditions that had brought him here had been sudden and scary, and we were […]