How to Host a Beautiful Mother Daughter Tea Party (7 Tips)

me-and-SusiIf you have a daughter, you know that the mother daughter relationship is incredibly special and deserved to be celebrated, honored and savored!

And yet, in our busy, modern culture, there are very few social occasions where just moms and daughters can gather together.

So that’s why I gathered a few mom friends (ones that I knew had little girls around my daughter’s age) and decided to create an “occasion” of my own.

I decided to host a mother daughter tea party in my backyard.

It was a beautiful time of connection. And honestly, it wasn’t that complicated! 

Connect with your daughter (and your friends) by hosting a lovely mother daughter tea party! Let me show you 7 tips to make it simple and not complicated. Yes, you can do this, and you’ll make wonderful memories in the process! Let’s treasure these precious moments with our girls!

Seriously–anyone can do this (and we need to do more of them, for our girls’ sake!).

A mother daughter tea can be simple, beautiful and low-cost, and spring and summer are the perfect time to host!

I want to share with you my simple tea party planning tips so you can host a wonderful celebration like this!

I’m also excited to show you how the custom decor from added such wonderful beauty to the event (you can see the products and colors/theme I chose here).

Let’s get started (and I can’t wait to show you how the party turned out!)

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