5 Tips to Make Sending Christmas Cards Fast & Easy

It’s time to send Christmas cards! Does that thought make your heart sing… or cringe?

Honestly, I have felt both of those emotions.

We all love receiving Christmas cards in the mail from family and friends, especially those whom we only hear from a few times a year. But, sometimes Christmas cards can easily feel like “one more thing” to do during an already hectic holiday season.

However, I’ve learned a few tricks over the years to make Christmas card sending much easier and painless! Let me share what I do to streamline the Christmas card sending process.

Let’s keep the joy in sending Christmas cards!

MAKE SENDING CHRISTMAS CARDS EASY THIS YEAR! This post has great tips and advice on how to save time and stress when you send your Christmas cards!

In this post I’ll show you how to:

  • easily and painlessly automatically address your Christmas cards (no more tired hands!)
  • choose from hundreds of Christmas card designs within a matter of minutes.
  • include family updates in your Christmas card without writing an extra “letter”.
  • turn Christmas card sending into a Christmas joy!

Ready to get started? I can’t wait to introduce you to these simple tips that make Christmas card sending fast, easy and wonderful annual holiday tradition!

5 Simple Tips to Make Christmas Card Sending Easier

Tip #1: Keep an spreadsheet of addresses from year to year.

This is such a simple step that honestly makes a world of difference! I have an Excel spreadsheet that I update every year about this time. I add in new names, double check addresses, etc. so that we’re ready to go for the Christmas cards.

Tip #2: Get Christmas card mailing addresses pre-printed (for free).

My biggest pet peeve of writing Christmas cards is all the handwriting of addresses! We have a return address stamp we use, but it can be super annoying to literally write out all the addresses of our friends and family.

front-back-of-red-cardI’ve thought about sending the excel spreadsheet addresses to print out as labels, but honestly, it gives me a major headache to even think about it because not only would have to figure out the technological side of it but I’d have to locate and purchase address labels.

Then, to top it off, it requires that I make sure all the addresses print (in the right boxes) and look correct, not to mention all that peeling and sticking.

I’ve got more important things to do during the holidays, don’t you?!

address-and-card-for-card-1Enter Minted’s Christmas cards. Minted.com’s cards are not only exceptionally beautiful with high-quality designs, but Minted will print both your mailing and your return addresses on your envelopes for free.

Yes, I said for free! Talk about a lifesaver!

And these aren’t just your standard printed addresses. Each of the mailing and return addresses are full-color designs that match the style of your Christmas cards. Yes! Check out these adorable address/envelope designs here.

How awesome to have every element of your Christmas cards designed to match perfectly! That just makes a holiday greeting card that much more special.

And best of all for busy moms–an easy, free solution to hand-writing Christmas card addresses.

Learn more here!



TIP #3: Make it easy to choose the right Christmas Card photo.

The last few years we’ve taken our annual family photos in early fall and that has really taken the stress out of my Christmas-card sending too. The photos are back and done in plenty of time for Christmas (which also helps when it comes to creating annual photo calendars).

However, this year I discovered another easy timesaver for making Christmas cards: Minted’s “Find It Fast” option.

Minted makes it incredibly easy to choose Christmas card designs because you can upload your family photo and then watch as it appears in hundreds of different holiday card designs.


This saves a ton of time because you don’t have to click through to each design (and wonder what each card will really look like with your photo). It’s all right there as you scroll so you can quickly and easily decide which Christmas card design is the perfect fit for you!

Totally genius, right?

Learn more about this exclusive feature of Minted’s Christmas cards here.



Tip #4: Send your cards right after Thanksgiving.

Life seems to really pick up after Thanksgiving, doesn’t it? Suddenly our “extra time” (not that we even had any to spare!) is spent at holiday parties, shopping for Christmas gifts (TK) and even baking all kinds of sinfully delicious holiday desserts.

All good things, but all holiday activities that can squeeze out our good intentions of sending Christmas greetings to our loved ones.

When I don’t send my cards right after Thanksgiving, that heavy burden weighs on me during the rest of the holiday celebrations until they are sent. Ugh. So, for the past few years, I’ve made it a point to do my very best to send them the week after Thanksgiving or at least the first week of December.

Minted’s free pre-printed envelope addresses make it so much easier to get those cards out right after Thanksgiving because all you have to do is add the stamps and go!

Tip #5: Keep loved ones up to date (without writing a separate letter).

Since I’m a full-time writer, I actually kind of enjoy writing an annual Christmas letter for our Christmas cards.

But since I’m a full-time writer and a busy mom, there have been years when I just haven’t had a chance to sit down and compose something. And honestly, to me, that’s the heart and soul of a Christmas card! Yes, it’s nice to receive cards with an updated family photo, but for many people on our Christmas card list, this is the only time that we are able to catch up (albeit briefly)!


I really don’t like to send a Christmas card without an update on our family; and yet, some years I just am not able to get to it. More guilt, right?!

If you’re like me, you’ll appreciate Minted’s vast variety of Christmas card types, including their Booklette cards that are a multi-page Christmas card option.

Instead of creating a Christmas card and separate letter (often paying for both the card printing and the special paper for the Christmas letter), Minted’s Booklette cards are an all-in-one, full color solution they refer to as the “modern annual newsletter.”

These are an easy, gorgeous way to add in extra photos, updates on each child or more details about your family’s biggest news of the past year. There’s no pressure to compose an award-winning holiday Christmas letter. Simple write in a sentence or two under each photo… or write several paragraphs! It’s your choice!

Each page is themed to the rest of the card, making these special Christmas cards a wonderfully warm greeting anyone would love to receive.

Best of all, there’s no extra postage required to send Booklette Christmas cards!

See all the Booklette Christmas card designs here.




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I hope these tips have made it much easier for you to create beautiful Christmas cards this holiday!

Enjoy creating and sending your Christmas cards! Merry Christmas to you!

FTC Disclosure: This is a sponsored post is written by me for Minted.com

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